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Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Recap

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Honestly if you were to ask me what I did in September I would probably spend 10 minutes talking about the Ed Sheeran concert.  But, since you can read/see all about that here, I'm going to try to avoid spamming you with concert photos.  Seem fair?

I started school again :(

I got new glasses 

I added like a billion books to my TBR

I drove a bunch and even went through a few drive-thrus (I'm up to 50 hours!)

I had a sleepover with Katie

We had a photoshoot (more "normal" photos coming soon!)

Saw If I Stay

Planned all our posts for October (including this one)

Then on Sunday I babysat for 10 hours straight

What did you do in September?  Any concerts you're still talking about?


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