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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eight Education Essentials

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I started school again yesterday.  My independent work took me maybe 3 hours.  It's kind of annoying having nothing to do once I'm finished, but I'm sure I'll be a lot busier and far more stressed out once dance starts.  But, for now I'll spend my down time cleaning and reading.

Today, I want to share with you my top 8 needs for back to school.

Like a pen, but erasable & doesn't wind up smearing all over your hand.  Not having to deal with pencil sharpening is definitely a plus as well.

I can use this app to organize my assignments, get reminders about due dates & class times, and keep track of test dates.  It's great to have everything in one place.

These are my ultimate pen crush.  They write so smoothly and the fun colors are great for note taking!

I. Love. This.  I use it all the time- my walls are practically covered in it.  I love edging pages in notebooks with it or using it to create tabs.  Great for organization and extremely cute.

These are great for marking pages in text books as well as notebooks.  I'll definitely be using these when we read The Great Gatsby later this semester.

These confused me a lot at first.  They still kind of confuse me.  I first discovered them in drivers' ed, but now I love them.  I'm not a huge fan of capping highlighters since I'll probably just need it again in 30 seconds, but these never dry out so I don't have to worry.

7. Wall Calendar
These are great.  A dry erase one is best, but anyone will work.  While it's nice to have calendars on your phone and computer, sometimes actually seeing it helps.

I can barely last an hour with my hair down.  It doesn't matter how long I spend straightening it, I always get annoyed with it in the way and I need to pull it up.  I always like to keep one of these hair ties on my wrist for those situations.  The plus?  They look cute as a bracelet too!


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