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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cassi's September Goals

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Hey guys!  I hope you had a nice holiday.  Mine was pretty uneventful, but I enjoyed my last day before school started.  I have an actual plan this month, so I really believe we will be posting regularly this month.  Too bad it can't count for school.

August Goals

1. Post more often!  I was supposed to start that this month, but with drivers’ ed daily I’ve had absolutely zero motivation.  HAHAHA nope.  This didn't happen at all.  It's going to happen this month for sure, though.

2. Drink more water.  My face is breaking out really bad and it had been clear throughout July.  Although there are many factors that have changed, I’m hoping this will help.  I have been drinking more water, but that doesn't really mean much since I spent most of July on Arnold Palmers.

3. Start my prep work for school.  Scantron opens soon for me and I can start getting organized so the beginning of September won’t be as stressful.  Yup- I finished both scantrons and got everything clean and organized so I have space to do my school work.

4. Stretch and continue my ab workouts.  July was great with 8 hours of dance, 4 days a week, for 4 weeks, but I’ve kind of taken a break.  It was nice, but it’s a good idea to get back into shape for when classes begin again.  I have had absolutely zero motivation to do this.  I stretched probably twice.

September Goals

1. DRINK MORE WATER.  Definitely continuing this one.  I'll aim for 6 glasses a day to start and move toward 8 as it become attainable.  I need to be especially careful once dance starts so I don't get dehydrated.

2. Abs abs abs.  Continue my daily ab workouts once I complete my school work.  Gotta get that 6 pack.

3. Stay on track.  Make sure I am on track for all my course work daily as well as all the blog stuff.  Being ahead would be best.


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