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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Little Britches Review

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Little Britches by Ralph Moody (Goodreads)

Published 1950

I loved this book.  I'm generally not a fan of autobiographies, but I honestly didn't know it was one until I sat down to write this.  The independence displayed by an 8 year-old as well as all his adventures are so interesting to read about.

The characters are well-rounded and extremely complex.  Other than his younger siblings, they're all complementary and crucial to the story.

Writing Style:
At some points, this story was really slow and it took me a while to get through.  Since it's an autobiography, I feel there wasn't really a climax, but instead many short stories together with their own climaxes.

General Comments:
Although I felt some parts were slow moving, I did enjoy this book and am definitely looking into reading the sequels.



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