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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goody® QuikStyle™ Paddle Brush Review

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Happy Thursday!

I first heard about this brush on Influenster.  I considered buying it for a while.  It seemed like a pain to have to leave my brush out on the counter to dry, where it would be in the way.  About a month ago we moved out to our boat for the year.  We have 2 full bathrooms here, opposed to just one at the house, but they are much smaller.  I finally gave in and bought it when I decided it would make things much easier. 

My hair is super thick (and I don't like getting it thinned because then I get wacko fly-aways when I put it in a bun for dance).  This means it retains water really well.  If I don't use a towel at all and just let my hair air dry, I guarantee it would take 5-7 hours which is a royal pain!  With the combined effort of this brush and a towel I can get that down to about an hour.  It would be even less if I chose to blow-dry it!

You pull the hair out of the brush using a wide tooth comb.  This works pretty well, but occasionally it will get stuck on a microfiber loop which is slightly annoying.  To wash the microfiber part, you just use shampoo and water!  The brush it self does take a while to dry, but I don't mind just putting it out of the way on the counter and leaving it there.

Overall, I would definitely suggest this brush to any and everyone!


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