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Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Thursday: Getting Rid of Blackheads

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I'm 14.  I have acne.  Quite a bit of it to be honest.  It's getting better slowly, but it's still definitely stressful.  I have so many different creams and gels I put on my face, but none of them really do anything.  The other day when I saw on Pinterest that you can get rid of blackheads with milk and baking soda, I was skeptical.  It seemed way too good to be true.  But it's worth a shot right?  I have milk and baking soda, both are pretty cheap- what have I got to lose?

Turns out that was a great idea.  It worked super well.  Not only did it make all the small blackheads disappear, it greatly reduced the size of the large ones, made my pores close up more, and made my skin feel totally soft!  If you're anything like me, you probably think I'm insane right now.  Who puts milk on their face right? But it works.

All you do is take 1/4 cup milk and stir in a tablespoon of baking soda.  The baking soda will keep settling so you have to keep stirring it before you put some on your face.  You can use a makeup sponge or a paper towel if you'd like, but using your hands works just fine.

I'm still on vacation, but we're having someone send us our mail, so I'll have my Cara Box soon so I can share with you guys!  In the mean time check out Hannah (sent to me) and Whitney (who I sent to).


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