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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cassi's Birthday Wishlist

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I'm turning 16 on Wednesday, which still seems so surreal to me.  I honestly don't feel 16, sometimes with dance my body feels about 96, but that's unrelated.  So yeah... Weird.

There really isn't anything I need this year.  Usually I'm low on something like socks or maybe I have no long sleeve shirts.  But, nothing this year.

I could always use more leotards, especially dancing 6 days a week.  I'm not interested in doing laundry THAT often.  I really like this one with mesh!

I've been reading SO MUCH lately.  I'm at the library often, so I can always borrow books.  However, I love having my own so much more.  It's nice to take notes in books and then I can loan them to people too.  I would really like all the Lunar Chronicles in hardcover (even though I've already read them & Fairest which is so good (review to come on that one)).  I've also been very interested in contemporary lately, so both of Huntley Fitzpatrick's titles would be great too.  Most of my Amazon wishlist is full of books I want.

The last thing I would like is a new laptop.  Mine is only about 4 years old, but it runs horribly.  The fan is constantly running really hard (not that it's doing much, most days it seems like it would fry an egg) and very very loudly.  It's also getting slower and slower which is incredibly frustrating for school work as well as blogging.  I honestly have no clue what kind of laptop I want, but I'm really not interested in spending $1,300 on one right now so we'll see I suppose.

So that's really it.  You can never lose with socks, though.


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